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Mini-story reinterpreted
On another forum I'm having fun observing a Mafia game - only observing, because actually I was the first one who was killed by the Mafia. The Game Master used to announce who has been killed by incorporating it into a little short story. (Other events, such as executions are also announced this way.)

Last week I started to read the short story, and for some reason I associated to Strawberry Shortcake, just after I read the first few lines. It was also helped by the fact that the victim (who was the actual target of the Mafia) is called StrawberryFlower by coincidence. I was so amused by the short story's resemblance to a Strawberry Shortcake episode, that I just went on and wrote a reinterpretation of the short story, which is played in Strawberryland.

Find the original mini-story here, and below you may read my reinterpretation. Do you agree that the two stories are pretty much similar? Wink

Quote:[Narrator:] It was a beautiful day outside; the sun was brightly shining, there was a gentle breeze, and the air was lightly scented from the sweet blossoming fruits growing all around Strawberryland. It was such a nice day in fact, that Strawberry Shortcake and Angel Cake decided to enjoy some tea and cake outside at Cakewalk.
[Strawberry:] Tea sounds like a berry great idea, Angel Cake! I've spent the past few weeks worrying, I need to do something lighthearted and fun to take my mind off of The Purple Pieman. I'll bring some of my famous strawberry shortcakes and... shouldn't we invite Peppermint Fizz as well? I haven't seen her in the past few days, I'm wondering what she's up to.
[Angel Cake:] And I'll bake a large caramel cake as well! Thus we can taste each other's cookings! This is the perfect way to take our minds off of all the bad things that have been happening around here recently!

[Narrator:] With that, the two girls set out a lovely spread of desserts and tea on the little table outside, near Angel Cake's house. They sat there all afternoon chatting and munching on goodies, and for the first time in a long time they weren't been worrying about their gardens.
[Strawberry:] Oh, isn't it Peppermint over there? <<*Points to a certain direction.*>>
[Angel Cake:] Hmm? <<*Looks at the direction where Strawberry points to.*>> Yep, it must be her! <<*Yelling.*>> PEPPERMIIIINT!!! HEEEY!!! <<*Waving.*>>
[Peppermint Fizz:] <<*Doesn't notice the girls for being too far.*>>
[Strawberry:] Maybe we should go after her.
[Angel Cake:] I'll take care of it, my cup is empty anyway, while yours is full - it would be a waste to let your tea get cold!
[Strawberry:] OK, I'm gonna wait right here for ya. <<*Winks.*>>
[Angel Cake:] See you, then! <<*Runs away.*>> <<*Starts to shout.*>> PEPPERMIIIINT!!! PEPPER...... <<*Voice fades away as she gets far.*>>

[The Purple Pieman:] She's alone now... Let's get her! <<*Steps from behind a tree.*>>
[Sour Grapes:] <<*Steps from behind a tree.*>> I still think this is a stupid plan! Your plans never work! They always overcome every kinds of rough situations!
[The Purple Pieman:] Say, what wouldn't work on such a clear plan like mine? While Strawberry will be out, her desperate friends will go on a long journey to find a cure for her. Since their friendship is so strong, no one will stay home, and so the entire Strawberryland will become deserted! And then comes my turn to bulldoze down all their homes, except Cookie Corners, which I'll take over to steal the technology of Ginger Snap's Amazing Cookie Machine, and then extend it to a large factory where I'll bake all the strawberries into my pies! All of them!
[Sour Grapes:] I hope you've thought it up well, after all...
[The Purple Pieman:] Of course I've thought it up perfectly, for I am <<*Starts tap dance.*>> The Peculiar Purple Pieman of Porcupine Peak! <<*Stops tap dance.*>> Yah-tah-tah-tah, tah-taaah! <<*Stands theatrically with his hands up in the air.*>>

[The Purple Pieman:] <<*Takes a little bag, sneaks few steps far behind Strawberry Shortcake. Drops the bag at Strawberry Shortcake.*>>
[Little bag:] <<*Opens up, omitting purple dust that covers Strawberry Shortcake.*>>
[Strawberry:] <<*Wonders. Turns into stone.*>>
[Purple dust:] <<*Dissolves.*>>
[The Purple Pieman:] Yeah, I've made it! Yah-tah-tah-tah, tah-taaah! <<*Stands theatrically with his hands up in the air.*>> Wait! Are you sure it will last long enough, Grapes?
[Sour Grapes:] Well the fairy said the effect is permanent. And there is only one way to break it. So even if they find out how to free her, it'll take a while... Your Pie Factory will be complete for then!

[Narrator:] Angel Cake returned to the table with Peppermint Fizz on her side, saw Strawberry became a statue and screamed. They dragged her into Angel Cake's cake-house, and then frantically ran off to let the others know what had happened. Upon their return, they had brought several inhabitants.
[Ginger Snap:] This is terrible, I'm telling you! I mean, I can't believe that anyone could do such a cruel thing against our very best friend, Strawberry Shortcake! Nope, I can't!
[Huckleberry Pie:] We need to do something! When any of us were in trouble, she always helped! She's the most selfless person I've ever known!
[Lemon Meringue:] Strawberryland would never be the same again without her!
[Ginger Snap:] Right, my sweet little friend, Lemon Meringue! Nope, never ever again!
[Orange Blossom:] Oh, poor Apple Dumplin'! We need to take care of her, and the pets as well!
[Blueberry Muffin:] WAIT!!! She moved!

[Narrator:] The crowd gasped in disbelief as Strawberry regained her colors and suddenly opened her eyes.
[Strawberry:] Wh-wh-what happened? Where am I?
[Narrator:] As Strawberry sit up, Angel Cake noticed for the first time a folded dark handkerchief in her hand. When they opened it up, it revealed an illuminating piece of emerald that supposedly had some magical power.
[Angel Cake:] YOU'RE BACK!!! Someone must have broken the spell while I went to get the others with Peppermint!
[Strawberry:] <<*Holds the emerald in her hand.*>> But who was that...? Whoever you are... thank you berry much! <<*Smiles.*>>
I say, you did it very nicely. The characters involved behave like in the episodes, and you did well in adapting the violence in the original version into something which fits the universe.

Now I start to wonder who this mysterious helper is.. :mrgreen:
[Image: TheGrapesChildrenSig.png]
Thank you! Smile As for who is the helper, we'll never get to know that probably. My story's primary goal was just to reinterpret Shigi's Mafia mini-story, so I didn't really think about what might happened before and after. Since the original story doesn't reveal the helper (who is the doctor, most supposedly - a character who has a special role in Mafia games), my reinterpretation also doesn't reveal. Maybe if Shigi will ever write such an inspiring story in the future, in which the doctor will be revealed, I'll make another Strawberry Shortcake reinterpretation of that. Anyway, I missed the remarks of the members of the other forum (because I also posted it into that thread), but I didn't get any - maybe because it's kind of off-topic there.
:lol: You're entertaining me! I say keep going!

Who would have the role of the doctor?
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