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Since when Ginger Snap is a Motor Mouth?
It is a typical characteristic of our very kind Ginger Snap that she talks pretty fast - as TV tropes defines it, she's a Motor Mouth.

This is something I didn't notice for long, because the Hungarian dub doesn't reflect her jabbering. And that I watched some episodes in English, I noticed something strange - I've never heard her jabbering in season 1 episodes. I guess she doesn't jabber all the time anyway, I get it, but that she never does it in season 1, that's strange.

I don't know the exact episode when she was motor mouth for the first time - do you have any clues? Maybe the change has happened right for season 2, but maybe there are still some season 2 episodes when she doesn't jabber yet - after all, I'd like to know it exactly. Moreover it would be just nice to know the creators' comments on this, if there are any published.
Now that you reminded me of how she speaks, I somewhat compare her to Wilhelm Burgdorf from Downfall, who was referred to as a fast-ranting drunk being that he rants at a lightning-fast speed.
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The latest Year 1 DVD was Get Well Adventure, right? I remember her telling her past story in that episode and now I just remembered that she talked normally! Why didn't I notice that? Confusedhock:

Then, the earliest Year 2 DVD was Adventures on Ice Cream Island, right? I think I remember Ginger being motor mouth since then. Can't check right now, though.
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While I can't check on it at the moment, either, I also seem to recall her starting to jabber in Adventures on Ice Cream Island. Other voices (Huckleberry Pie's and Custard's) changed starting with Year 2, so maybe Ginger Snap's voice also changed or was told to throw in a twist to her voice acting.

Edit: I just checked voice listings, and no, the voice actress herself didn't change. I guess she was told to make the voice "snappier", is all. Another thing to consider is that everyone sounded a little younger in Year 1. Maybe the character wasn't quite old enough to jabber while keeping her words straight back then!
Yes, it did start with Adventures On Ice Cream Island. However, her talking was still not as fast as it became in later episodes. It seems to me that it became subtly faster and faster, until it reached its peak where it stayed. That's why most of us couldn't remember her not talking in speed.
I like Ginger Snap, like her I talk fast.

Me too! I talk VERY fast until my sisters can't understand what I'm talking about...

I actually have quite a lot of similarities with Ginger Snap (that's one of the reasons why I like her.
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