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Blackberry Bun's Journal: Chapter 4
Quote:Chapter 4: Friendship Grows...?

I walked home with pain in my hands. The pain was so great that I often felt dizzy and weak. The only thing that kept me walking was the joy from knowing that the wound I got was from saving the lives of my soon-to-be friends. It kinda felt like a battle scar for warriors.

I slowly walked through the whole Strawberryland, passed the Huckleberry Briar and Blackberry Bushes, until I finally arrived at my home. As I pressed the hidden button that unhid the ladder into my home, I realized that getting into my home would be so difficult because of this wound. I attempted it anyway, because there are no other way to get into my home.

I put my grip on the ladder, and quickly released it because it gave me even greater pain. After many failed attempts of putting my grip on the ladder, I realized that I was stuck outside my home, and I started to regret my home being a tree house with a ladder instead of stairs like that orange-shaped tree house.

Knowing that I got stuck outside, I had no choice other than looking for help. I slowly walked through Blackberry Bushes, but in the middle of Huckleberry Briar I once again felt dizzy and weak. This time I couldn't endure it and finally collapsed.

I didn't know how long I have been unconcious, but when I woke up I was on a comfortable bed. Someone had wrapped the wounds on my hands with bandage, although the wrapping was quite messy. I looked around, still sitting on the bed, and I heard a voice.

"Finally awake? Good morning. You have slept for a whole night," said that voice. Then someone whom I recognized as one of the five kids, the only male one to be exact, came to me.

"Umm... Yes..." I replied.

"Haven't seen you before. What's your name?" He asked.

"...Blackberry Bun..." I replied.

"Welcome to my fort, Blackberry Bun. I'm Huckleberry Pie, but you can call me Huck for short," He said. "Yesterday, while I was looking for some huckleberries I found you unconcious. I brought you here and took care of your hands, although I was not good at it,"

His words explained the messy wrapping I was having. Then he walked away and came back bringing a plate of berries.

"Here, have some," he offered. I took one and ate it. It tasted good, like the blackberries I have been having. "By the way, how come your hands got wounded so bad?"

"...Exploded invention..." I answered.

"Invention? Are you an inventor like Ginger Snap?" He asked curiously, which gave me the answer that the girl in fuschia jacket was named Ginger Snap and was also an inventor.

"Yes..." I answered.

"Cool! May I visit your house someday?" He asked.

"We can do that right now," I replied.

"But your hands...?" He wondered.

"One of my inventions is a device which can heal wounds. The sooner I get there, the better," I replied, which made me wonder how I could say those words without hesitation.

So both of us walked through Blackberry Bushes until we arrived in front of a large tree where my house was hidden. The ladder was still unhid because I forgot to press the button once again to hide it. This time the pain was not as severe as before so I could climb into my house just fine.

Inside my house, I went towards the "Successful Invention" shelf while Huck was looking around. I took a metal sphere from the shelf, put it on the table at the center of the house, and turned it on. The sphere radiated blue aura and I put my hands on it. A moment later, the blue aura faded away. I opened the bandage on my hands and saw that my hands have been healed. Better yet, it seemed like the wounds had never been there before. Huck witnessed all that happened and was astonished.

"Glad that I have made this Phoenix Tear," I said. "Too bad it can only be used once a week at most,"

I took the device and went to put it back in the shelf. As I was doing that, Huck asked me, "What is this?" with his hand going to touch the broken Time Remote.

"NO! DON'T!" I shouted, but it was too late. He got zapped by the aftermath of the Time Remote. I then regretted forgetting to put it into the "Danger! Do not touch!" shelf.

"Whoa! What was that?" He asked.

"Umm, something for playing pranks," I lied.

Some hours later, Huck went home. I carefully put Time Remote's aftermath into the place it should be, and checked the Time Monitor. I saw that the Time Remote would mess his memory up and...

"In five minutes he will forget about me and everything that happened here?!!" I shouted.

Well, what's done is done. I turned the Time Monitor off with a deep sigh...

--End of Chapter 4--
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Moral: Before you invite people over, put up the things you don't want them touching.

Granted, it's not like Blackberry had any time to do that.
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