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Map of Strawberryland
Does anyone have an authentic map of Strawberryland? Are the locations are kept in canon at all throughout the series, or are there continuity errors regarding them?
[Image: l4WZi.jpg]

Best Pet's Yet DVD had this in it's special, in her tour of her house. As far as I know, the locations seem to be attempted to be kept the same. I don't know of locations supposed to be added in later, if there are more maps later on.

Found this, which seems to be a slightly expanded version of the first map.

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WOW, thank you!

Hmm, I've already seen that site before, it's quite awesome, pity that it's unfinished - is there any way to contact the guy? His contact page is empty. I'd just invite him to the forum. Smile Though I'm not sure it's necessary, because this forum is easy to find - I think he would have found his way already if he was interested. :?
Actually, you are quite right. He is a past member of this place. Not sure what caused him to be "past" though.
It's fun to say berry! I berry talk all the day through!
I do believe that map is right... Why not try watching 'meet strawberry shortcake episode'. they use a map to walk around. For sure... Cookie Corner is the nearest to Strawberryland...
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