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"Strawberry" as an official Hungarian name
I've already told Strawberry Shortcake's Hungarian name, Eperke, which makes "Strawberry" with a diminutive suffix. But, as I just found out, "Eperke" is an actual Hungarian name, according to Wikipedia. People can actually give this name to their daughters officially. Even though it's quite unprobable that I'll ever have children, but sure I'll consider to name one of my daughters as Eperke, especially if she'll have read hair. As you might suspect, it's not a popular name (considering that even I didn't know it exists), so it could be consiedered as a quite unique name nowadays. Another reason why is it a cool name. Smile

Note, the Hungarian "Eperke" name itself is surely not inspired by the Strawberry Shortcake franchise. It's just a coincidence that "Strawberry Shortcake" was translated as "Eperke", which is also an official name.
Ichigo is an official Japanese name for both genders, also meaning strawberry, and I don't doubt there are other languages where Strawberry is a name. Smile
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