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After a night of close calls and staying awake at the hospital, my youngest twins, Madeline and Octavia, entered the world through cesarean at 7:04 and 7:11 on the morning of January 20th, 2012.

They are approximately one month premature and will have to stay a month at the NICU (Special Care Nursery for premature infants). But they are healthy for their sizes (4 lb. 4 oz., 4 lb. 5 oz.) and will be home in a month, and they recognize the sound of my voice and I can tell they know I'm their mother! They're not as premature as their cousin was last year (and thus do not need to be in a special hospital), though they are more premature than their older sisters.

I'll be visiting them every day as I did today, multiple times per day when I can, making sure they know how much I love them and giving them pep talks that seem to [strike]bore[/strike] lull them to sleep!

I am freaking exhausted, myself. I need days of resting and getting around via wheelchair, but I was allowed to return home to rest. This is the start of the rest of our lives!
[Image: congratulations-on-having-twins-sharon-e...graphy.jpg]

Though I feel the need to say this:

"Please, don't, get, pregnant, again, ever."

I know I'm not in position to say it, and I vaguely remember you saying that you wouldn't, but I'm still really concerned about your safety.

In any case, I'm really happy for you, and I'm literally leaking some tears. Now please excuse me...
[Image: TheGrapesChildrenSig.png]

It's certainly not your place to say that, but don't worry. I know it was said out of love. I'm probably too old for another pregnancy to be possible now, and whether I am or not, James made that decision for me. While I was pregnant this time, he had surgery to make himself infertile.
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