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Strawberry Shortcake crossovers

what about crossovers between Strawberry Shortcake and other franchises? I like crossovers in fan fiction.

Some of my ideas are:

SSC and Star Wars

The good rebellion is fighting the evil galactic empire to restore freedom to the skyriver galaxy. The Purple Pie Man and his apprentice Darth Grapes suppress the galaxy. strawberry lives on a small berry farm on tatooine and wants to become a hero. so she sets out to save prince huck and to destroy the death berry which destroyed berrywood. she gets it, later the rebellion relocates to niceland, and strawberry becomes are a jedi on dagobah. then on cloud city darth grapes is offensive againt her and says: "Yo momma." SSC gets her right hand cut of but it is replaced later. the secound death berry is build later and ssc kills grapes and becames "Darth Shortcake", Purple Pie Man's apprentice. But she becomes a traitor for a secound time and stabs the pie man in his back with her lightsaber so she can rule the galaxy.

SSC and Warhammer 40K

It is set in the year 40000. There is constant war in the galaxy between evil and just more evil.

Ginger Snap has invited space travel thousands of years ago. Since ten millennia there is the Imperium of Strawberryland. SSC is God-Empress of whatever her species is called (Strawberrylandians) on her Golden Throne on Holy Fragarium, an completely urbanisized planet. The Immaterium is a dimension were ftl is possible.

She has been critically wounded ten millenia ago in a fight against the Purple Pie Man to stop his heresy and now she is encased in her golden throne and depending on artificial life support. Now she is unconscious and her servants are ruling the galaxy.The Imperium of Strawberryland is a tyrannical theocraty/magocraty depending on slavery and suppression. It's people worship SSC as a goddess and thousands of psionikers are going to death for her.

The Space Marines are her personal strike force and elite warriors of the Imperium. Because of it's vast sice the Imperium gets into conflict with all other factions in the galaxy. The only sentients in the Imperium are the humanoid childlike beings like Strawberry, Huckleberry Pie and Angel Cake. No Custard, Pupcake, walking trees so on, 'cause in the Imperium's eyes all other sentient life is blasphemy and it't existence shouldn't be tolerated. So in Strawberry's name there are things like war, genocide, pure hate et cetera.

SSC and Lord of the Rings

Deep in the land of Strawberryland, another ring was made by the dark lord Strawberry Shortcake. Filling it with her cruelty, her malice and will to dominate all life, all the other rings are bound to it. SSC is a sick and evil megalomaniac and wants nothing less than kingship of the world. One land after another fell to her dark forces, with there inhabitants enslaved. Strawberryland is pure horror, a dark and desolate land and it's air filled with ash and dust so it burns in your lungs. On her dark throne in the tower of barad-dur she sits and rules her empire. But there were some, who resisted. A last alliance has been formed and it's army was en route to Strawberryland. At the slopes of Mount Shortcake they fought the last battle. Victory was near, but then SSC herself came there from the besieged dark tower. with a magical ring looking like a berry she had the power. with her sword she killed hundreds of soldiers, but then huckleberry pie took his girlfriend's (Angel Cake's) sword and cut of one of Strawberry's fingers, the one with the ring. She was defeated.

But later she returned to strawberryland with her minions rebuilding barad-dur. Because her body was destroyed 3000 years ago and she cant take physical shape now she appears as a gigant eye. The Eye of Strawberry. Huck lost the ring in the great river of strawberryland it passed to custard, then to annie and now to plum pudding. she wants to destroy it at orodruin. there custard bites of one of plum's fingers, but then steps to far and falls into orodruin and burns into oblivion in the lava. the ring to and strawberry gets annihilated.

Does anyone have other ideas?
I've written SSc fan fiction, and so far I've crossover with Daisuki BuBu ChaCha anime and Final Fantasy X game. The latter is very minor, though.

But seeing your summary, your interpretation of crossover seems different than mine. Mine is, to put it simply, the characters from two or more franchise somehow meet and interact, leading to events. Yours seems to be more like a parallel world where the franchises are mixed together.

I know nearly nothing of the three franchises you mentioned, but I can't get myself to imagine SSc mixed with franchise higher than K+ rating.
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Yep, about a year ago I thought up a crossover between SSC and Bridge to Terabithia, where Strawberry Shortcake would have represented Leslie Burke! I wanted to write it as a fan fiction, but never actually got around to it.

Yeah, I love crossovers! \o/ Another of my bright ideas was to make a crossover between Bridge to Terabithia and 1984, in which The Party would have rectified the 2007 Bridge to Terabithia movie by dubbing over the characters' voices with Newspeak sentences.
Oh, Jaiceen, no offense - I simply could not take any of those ideas seriously! I laughed though reading the entire summaries and was sure you were joking! Everything about them was either random and silly or violent deadly gore.

I could say "Sherlock Strawberry Shortcake Holmes" is all about Strawberry Shortcake as Sherlock Holmes stabbing people for cutting her in traffic, and that would be just as plausible as what you are proposing.
It would be just as crazy or OTT as my idea of crossing over Strawberry Shortcake and Grand Theft Auto.
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One im working on is a crossover of the 2007 generation and my little pony freindship is magic.

The main berry kids go to equestria.
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