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Tablet Performance Showdown...
I decided to run a side by side benchmark of Herman and Fluttershy, and here are the results. The program used was "AnTuTu Benchmark", and I terminated any unnecessary processes and services before running the tests.

Polaroid PMID700 Android 2.3 Tablet

RAM - 327
CPU Integer - 591
CPU float-point - 149
2D Graphics - 320
3D Graphics - 716
Database I/O - 225
SD card write: 3.5mb/s 35
SD card read: 11.4mb/s 114
CPU Frequency - 1008mhz

Total Result: 2477

Curtis "Klu" LT7052 Android 4.0.3 Tablet

RAM - 315
CPU Integer - 456
CPU float-point - 110
2D Graphics - 233
3D Graphics - 424
Database I/O - 190
SD card write: 3.7mb/s 37
SD card read: 9.3mb/s 93
CPU Frequency - 912mhz

Total Result: 1858

As you can tell by the results, Herman lags about 600+ points behind Fluttershy, and his so-called "Super 3D GPU" isn't so super.

Fluttershy, thus, is superior to Herman performance wise. Her battery life is also far superior as well as the touch screen. If only she could run Where's my Water?.

I really did like Herman when I first got him, as evidenced by my review from June, but over time, I realized he had some glaring shortcomings. First was performance. Second was the touch screen. Sure, it's responsive, but it's not always responsive. Sometimes when you scroll through a list or webpage, the touch screen acts up and sometimes scrolls really fast to the bottom of the page out of nowhere. And the occasional touch screen glitch in Angry Birds can get very annoying.

Unless if there is a much better tablet on sale during BF that has longer battery life and more internal storage, I'm going to switch back to Fluttershy as my main tablet. She may not have as much internal memory (2gb) as Herman, but I already have about five games loaded, and it still has about 75% space left. Herman will still be around as a secondary back-up tablet to test out apps and to play 'Where's My Water?"
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