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I think I need another help now
Not for me, but for my brother. He recently downloaded a game for his phone. Pretty much a very simple version of SimCity. Here's a screenshot of the game:

[Image: mobile_game_screenshot_1_com.more2create.cityisland]

Now to make explaining the problem easier, here's a screenshot of his Samsung Galaxy Mini screen. (Not his actual screen. This is taken from google.)

[Image: Samsung-Galaxy-Mini-Home-Screen-225x300.jpg]

The main problem is that the top bar containing battery status, signal, etc, is still present in the game and it blocks the top status display of the game (Money, Gold, Exp, and Happiness). Is there any way to get around this?
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Well, can he try rotating the phone to portrait and back to landscape and see if the problem goes away?

Also, check to see if there's an android update for the phone.

If not, well, the problem with android is the plathora of customized UI for each device (i.e. HTC Sense, Samsung TouchWiz, etc.). This creates complications for apps in the market in that it's difficult to support all the UIs fully. Your best bet is to write to the company who created the game and ask them about it, and if they say they can't fix it, then write to Samsung.
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