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Klik & Play
Anyone here familiar with an old program called "Klik & Play?"

If not, let me fill you in. "Klik & Play" was an old Windows 3x program that allowed you to create multi-level games just using your mouse.... a WYSIWYG game IDE. Being WYSIWYG, the results can be very absymal to very great. It just depends on how creative you are and how much skill you have in regards to the limitations of said program.

My first experience with Klik & Play games was an old "300 Arcade Games" CD-ROM I bought at RadioShack. I still have it. It's a typical bargain bin game CD-ROM filled with shareware games of varying quality, but it had some free games on it as well. And I found "Atom Boy 2" in the games list. I tried it, and it was rather fun if not somewhat hard. But after playing, I discovered how it was made, as almost every KNP game has a window at the end advertising it.

More on Atom Boy 2: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

Later on, during the PBSKidVid golden years, I gave KNP a try. Normally you would have to pay for it, but they offered a free version intended for classroom use. I downloaded it and used it regardless, and it was quite interesting. As I was learning the ropes of KNP, I was starting to develop a game based on the "Clifford the Big Red Dog" TV show...

.. "Save Birdwell Island!"

I can't recall all the specifics, but being a lot younger than I am now, the premise was rather crazy. Apparently Birdwell Island was in trouble from an alien invasion or some other calamity, and you would pilot this helicopter to try and stop the threat. I got about halfway done with the game when for whatever reason, I abandoned it. If finished, it would have been uploaded to PBSKidVid.

I wonder where those files went. I'm sure I backed them up somewhere. Then again, even if I did find them and try to finish the game now, it would be pretty much useless since nearly every computer made today is x86-64, and Microsoft doesn't support 16-bit applications in their 64bit versions of Windows.

Still, if I ever find these files, I may try finishing the game just for a sense of completeness.
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