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Mafia III officially announced, full reveal on Gamescom 2015
Title says all, but this time it ain't from some low-rent clickbait site:
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Quote:[Image: 4BHMP0B.jpg]
2K Games confirmed this morning on Twitter, promising a fuller reveal of the game on Aug. 5.

Gamescom begins in Cologne, Germany on Aug. 5.

Mafia 2 published in August 2010, seven years after eight years after the original Mafia. There had been rumblings of a third Mafia in the five years since the sequel, most recently in January when voice actor Rick Pasqualone hinted over Twitter that "exciting news" was coming soon.

Mafia 2 was developed by the 2K Czech studio, which closed its Prague office in a major restructuring at the beginning of last year. 2K Czech's last game was the tennis title Top Spin 4, published by 2K Sports in 2011.
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