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The Spam Thread!
I feel disgusted. The fourth reply in the link is particularly sad, as I also know Glee fans similar to Anna's friend. Though I've never seen an episode of Glee, so many people watch the show and now I feel like the show has personally attacked me. It attacked several people... but personally me, it seems. This is why:

When I was in high school, I was kicked out of glee club because I sang ahead and behind of the beats in songs. As an adult, I am rarely ever cast in musicals. When I am cast, I play villains or people who otherwise are not supposed to sing well or people who just do not sing. For goodness' sake, one of the many reasons Sour Grapes is dear to me is because the first version sang loudly and off-key.

People know I was kicked out of glee club. I tell them, if we are discussing music groups and such. I tell them if they watch Glee, and our own high school experiences come into the conversation. People also know I am autistic. I have a pink shirt that says so, which I wear with pride. I am devoted to my own, and known in a number of localities.

Now people are going to associate me with a nasty episode of Glee and a character who should not have been written. Stay away from anything resembling my life experiences, characters I can't like, especially when so many people watch you! I can't help but feel so personally attacked by this slander. Cry
I took a look at the season 2 premiere of FIM and decided that I didn't like the changes after all.

Sorry, but as mentioned before, shapeshifting villains are not for me. And what he did to Fluttershy was inexcusable. I can't even bear to watch the episode in full, I skipped chunks after chunks of it.

RuinedForever. Especially if WordOfGod is true in WMG and the villain is to be permanent.
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I'm sure that they just wanted to open the season with a more action-ish two-parter the way that the first season opened with one. I'm sure it will go back to slice-of-life-y after the two part is done. Might reoccur again, but I don't think that the villain is permanent in the way that they will appear in every episode or even most episodes.

That being said, sorry you aren't happy with the season so far.


You know how I feel, but I want to say again I'm sorry. Part of me has that same feelings from the conversation last night, that shows shouldn't have to feel they need to be responsible and constantly send positive messages, that people should just not be so weak-minded, but that doesn't change that it might and possibly already have made your day and the people around you a little harder to deal with. I hope things get better.


Big sigh.

Constantly talking about all these gender separating topics and separating boy shows from girl shows, and etc. is starting to bum me out.

Two new Dreamcast games came today, two I've been really looking forward to. At least I can focus on some happier vibes. Smile
It's fun to say berry! I berry talk all the day through!
I'll cope, I'll live.

If only things could start going right again. I'm not sure how I'll live on without an AWE64, and with the original SBLive so scarce that it's impossible to get (only the original SBLive cards support DOS. The one I have now is a SBLive 5.1 (apparently a third generation SBLive card), which apparently doesn't work in DOS- all I've ever gotten out of when I try to load the first generation card's DOS driver is a system hang. I think it's because it's running a completely different AC97 audio codec from the original card (understandable- the original card only supports 4 channel audio. This one does 5.1 channels). I can't use the AWE64 in newer computers, since it uses a slot that has been obsoleted for over a decade.

And I'm not sure how I'll turn out now that MLP:FIM is no longer up to my tastes. I'm sure I'll find a surrogate show to turn to. After all, one of the reasons I turned to MLP:FIM was because I lost Humf and Spot.
The Best Medicine > Magic. Because SCIENCE! can prove the former.
Today is the day I start preparing for Lilly's arrival. These things have to be done for Lilly to come to fruition...

*buy new DVI monitor from local PC store
*buy portable hard drive from Toshiba
*order Lilly online from Apple along with an Apple Keyboard.

It has taken at least three years, but Im feeling happy right now. I no longer will be bound by the limitations of Jasper's old Pentium III processor. (well, technically I have been since March with Wendell, but Wendell isn't meant to be a desktop replacement). I will also have my first Mac OS-X computer as well.
I love foxes, especially the one in my avatar.
Continuing the ancient domino effect of Sandy and I worrying about each other...

Sandy, are you all right?
Do not need Apple Keyboard. Stick to existing USB keyboard.
The Best Medicine > Magic. Because SCIENCE! can prove the former.
Stella Grapes Wrote:Continuing the ancient domino effect of Sandy and I worrying about each other...

Sandy, are you all right?
I'm just tired from work. That's all.
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RAMChYLD Wrote:Do not need Apple Keyboard. Stick to existing USB keyboard.

Too late. Tongue Lilly has been ordered, and should arrive around September 26th. I wanted an Apple Keyboard after trying one out at the college Mac lab, full of brand new iMacs. Jasper's current keyboard isn't USB, it's PS/2. Im not sure if it would have worked even with a PS/2 to USB converter. Thus, I settled on the Apple USB Keyboard.

As for a mouse, I am keeping the one I have, which is wireless with a USB receiver. I looked at the Magic Mouse, and it appears to combine a touchpad with a mouse. To scroll, you have to slide your finger across the mouse surface like you would with an actual scroll mouse. I decided to pass on it for now.

And, one thing I likely won't ever buy from Apple due to costs.....Apple. Thunderbolt. Display. Don't have the desk space for it right now, and it costs as much as a new MacBook Air. I don't need it anyway, as Im about to get a nice HP monitor with DVI input.
I love foxes, especially the one in my avatar.

I feel like I only have eight to nine days left with him, until months and months to come.

He doesn't even know that anyone feels this. Several people feel it.


There is no anxiety medication that is completely ensured to be safe when pregnant. In fact, when people speak of pregnancy and medication, it is assumed that the woman became ill because of pregnancy. The possibility of being ill prior to pregnancy is not often thought of, because too many people think that chronically ill and/or disabled women do not have husbands and children. This is not right, and it's sad.

So I have some new drink blend, natural with nutrients that alleviate stress in some people.

The drink doesn't seem to do anything for me except make me belch.

James jokingly said, "Oh, I want to drink that and sit next to Dee. She'll love that arrangement."
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