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Greetings from South Dakota, USA!!!
Hello again. I'm cpd2009, and like many of us, I was a member of the previous incarnation of the Strawberryland Forum. When the forum moved to a new server, I had to re-register, and I would eventually have to re-introduce myself. That time has now come. Smile

I come from a small town called Winner, located in a US state called South Dakota. Though I haven't really watched much of any Strawberry Shortcake TV series that has aired, I do have a great interest in childrens animated TV series and films. Some of my favorite shows and movies include "My Friend Rabbit", "Max & Ruby", "Gofrette", "The Fox and the Hound", and my personal favorite, "Der Kleine Eisbär", known in the US as "The Little Polar Bear". Another interest I have is computers and technology, whether it be configuring or building a PC or playing around with a new gadget such as an Android Tablet PC. And, I also like collecting picture books, mainly for the beautiful artwork that each childrens picture book has. I am a college level reader though.

On the previous forum, I initially registered so I could post pictures of a toy laptop computer I found at a Kmart store that is sort of a SSC knockoff. It's called the "Sweet Berry" laptop. After I was done posting information on the laptop, I decided to start hanging out in the Spam Thread as another one of my friends, RAMChYLD, also posts there, and since then, I enjoyed talking with the other members of this forum, both past and present.

When I begin watching SSC on a regular basis, I probably will begin posting in other threads sharing my thoughts and questions on the various SSC animated shows. I do have one SSC jumbo coloring book, along with the previously mentioned knockoff SSC laptop. Smile
I love foxes, especially the one in my avatar.
Gasp! Someone new who hasn't started watching? I'm squeeing just thinking about how much that could spark up conversations.

I live in Arizona myself, it's interesting to see more United States members, not that I mind either way. Not like it makes much of a difference to me!

(I didn't want my intro to bury your's, so I posted on mine first! ^^)
It's fun to say berry! I berry talk all the day through!
Hurry up and watch! Don't make me bop you on the head with sticker books!
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