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Episodes and DVDs
Today I went to the Post Office, and by coincidence I've found another 2 SSC DVDs:
  • Berrywood, Here We Come!
  • Sky's The Limit
Yes... the 2nd one is from the 2009 series. (Anyway, I wonder that it's released in Hungary, while "The Sweet Dreams Movie" isn't.) I'm looking forward seeing this 2009 movie, however you already know that I couldn't find anything likeable in the 2009 series yet. But still, I should give it a try...

As for "Berrywood, Here We Come!", I've already seen it on TV, and I confess I didn't like it that much. It wasn't bad either, I just say it's not amongst my favourite ones. Also it's a bit of sad, because as we know, this is the last DVD of the 2003 series. Sad After all I'd be more glad to get "Happily Ever After" at last - that's really one of my berry favourite episodes.
Meanwhile (last Saturday) I've found "Berry Big Journeys" as well, in LIDL. You know, there's the large basket you need to dig up... chances that it was already there when I've found the other 2 DVDs I got there previously ("Berry Fairy Tales" and "Berry Blossom Festival"), I just couldn't find it in the ruckus.

Anyway, I have a question related to episodes. I haven't seen all episodes, so I wonder: we know that Raspberry Torte sometimes acts a similar role like Peppermint Fizz. Do episodes always only feature one of them, when a trouble-maker is needed, or does it occur that both Raspberry Torte and Peppermint Fizz are featured in one episode? I suppose they avoid to feature both characters at once, because they think they would be duplicates of each other. Even though I think it would be interesting to have them both act in the same episode: let's see whether they like each other's behaviours! Another solution to have them both in one episode is to give only a minor role to at least one of them, but that's not that interesting. (Anyway, do these characters know each other, at all?)

Though something we must note - Peppermint Fizz and Raspberry Torte, though have common characteristics, they are still different. That would be also fun to experience with their differences in the series. This is why I am really sorry for the end of the 2003 series - there are a lot of situations supposedly invoked interesting character interactions, haven't been experienced. That's why the series seems so incomplete.

Are there any other characters those are avoided in single episodes?

Blackberry Bun: Have you ever featured both Peppermint and Raspberry in one chapter in your fan-fictions? And other characters those are avoided to be featured together in official episodes?
Peppermint and Raspberry never appear together bringing important role in a single episode. That's indeed unfortunate, but it is hard to avoid such thing if you have loads and loads of characters in a show.

I recall a few chapters where both Peppermint and Raspberry appear together, but none of them feature both girls carrying important role for the chapter. Either only one of them is important or both are in minor role.
[Image: TheGrapesChildrenSig.png]
Blackberry Bun Wrote:Peppermint and Raspberry never appear together bringing important role in a single episode. That's indeed unfortunate, but it is hard to avoid such thing if you have loads and loads of characters in a show.
Actually, this is one of the reasons I adore this series - loads and loads of characters! \o/ And all of them have awesome names. What more you need?

Well, I think it is amazing how character depth is played out - and now that I'm a bit more educated of all 3 SSC interpretations, I have to say the 2003 series is the only one which really has this trope. Although I think it's wonderful what they could do with so few episodes already, I think it could be made even better. But that would take more time - more episodes. If you have loads and loads of characters - which is again, pretty awesome - you need loads and loads of episodes. This is why I feel this series yells out for continuation.

How ironical that in contrast the 2009 series is shitting out its episodes quite rapidly, while it only has a few characters with about one third of them being fillers. I wonder if they use their plenty of time to show character depth & development or not. I guess not. Though I should still check out some more episodes of BBA to verify this.
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