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Post Your Home Entertainment Setup!!
If you want/care to, post your home entertainment setup in this thread! I'll go ahead and start...

[Image: DSCF5258_zps577fc532.jpg]

On the left is Anna-Lena, my 32'' RCA HDTV. My primary TV viewing window for watching TV and DVDs, with PS2/Wii/Famiclone gaming thrown in. At picture time, Anna-Lena had Baby TV showing, and the CRT set was playing my new SSC 2004 DVD, but the CRT didn't cooperate with the camera. The game systems surrounding Anna-Lena are Lars (PS2) on the left, and the RetroDuo SNES/NES Famiclone on the right. Anna-Lena does have extremely slight input lag compared to the CRT, but I can actually control my games just fine with it. (timed moves in SMRPG on the VC are still possible)

The reason for three VCRs? I happen to convert old VHS to DVD whenever I can, and sometimes tapes don't play right in one VCR, but play fine in another. That's why. I want the best quality VHS picture I can get when I do a transfer to DVD.

[Image: DSCF5262_zps65e692b2.jpg]
The "KMC" (Kmart) 13'' CRT set I found at an auction for just $5. Made in 1984... almost 30 years old. I'm intending on using this set for the very old retro games like Atari 2600 or my Pong clone, but it has some strange quirks due to age. I may end up trying another set out later on. If this set (or any 13'' CRT set) had stereo audio capability, I could also use this for my NES/SNES/Genesis retro gaming as well due to instant response time and overall better picture, but I require my game audio to go through my audio receiver for the best sound possible. The KMC does have an earphone out, but it's mono. Sad

I tried to display a picture of Custard, but CRTs can be trouble with digital cameras. Sad

[Image: DSCF5263_zpsf75de768.jpg]

My former full time TV set before Anna-Lena came to be.... Ruby. She works really good, but one problem... my room has somewhat low light, and she has a photocell that controls the screen brightness. Due to the low light, her picture brightness is nowhere near as bright as Anna-Lena or the old 13'' CRT unless you shine a light directly at the photocell. An interesting idea for 1984, but they should have included a switch to turn the sensor off.

As it stands, Ruby is now a seperate stand for my Dish DVR, my audio receiver, Elsie (Wii), and my FC3 Plus Famiclone.
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