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Yet another Android review: Kphone K5 Unlocked
huckleberrypie Wrote:I'd take their response with a grain of salt though. If it does have a mother lode of unnecessary permissions like sending messages and whatnot, avoid it like the plague. What if we send the offending APK to XDA for a second opinion? Customer support reps aren't necessarily reliable and would merely recite a spiel they're trained to use from what I gather.
XDA is indeed an option. I was thinking about it earlier, and decided to at least register.

I also decided to re-install the various Android AV apps, removing one AV app before scanning the system with another. I honestly remember AVG flagging the APK as a member of SMSSend, but a scan today no longer flags it. Same goes for a couple other AV apps I tried like ESET, 360 Security, Kaspersky, and Avast. It appears the only app that flags the APK is Malwarebytes, and even then it was reclassified from an SMSSend variant to PUP/Riskware.

I guess the only available options now for a more concrete opinion is to have the people at XDA review the file, and/or send it in to one of the AV vendors that doesn't flag it. Maybe then will we know for sure the customer support rep was correct. Granted, the response took almost a week to arrive. I sent it on Friday and it arrived today. It would be more concerning if the response was delivered in less than 48 hours.

Malwarebytes also responded, and I should be getting an email from their research team, answering my questions I sent in a similar fashion to Kphone.
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I have the decompiled sources, and as I mentioned on the chat earlier I can put it on XDA for those interested. Sure, some would just scoff it off as "Ah, just root, delete and get on with it," but knowing your leeriness over that approach and all, and out of sheer curiosity with how the program behaves...
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