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The Post your Desktop Thread
Took this off my "Galaxy S7" (notice the quotes) named Nellie out of boredom, along with a few others:
[Image: q2wM7yy.png]

As you can see on the Imgur gallery, there's a secret menu in the phone allowing users (or more like unscrupulous vendors) to change what's reported by the OS, from SOC model to the RAM and so on. I also found what appears to be .APK installers for Antutu and CPU-Z, of which I presume as being hacked to have a high score or a different SOC.
[Image: pvi1xp-6.png]
[Image: bpawh5-6.png]
[Image: PearlLinux_082818.jpg]

[Image: PearlLinux_apps_082818.jpg]

Time to breathe life into this thread by posting my Linux screenshots from Pearl. OS is Ubuntu MATE 18.04.1 LTS. Apps shown are Atril Document Viewer (PDF) and Xine video player.
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Here's the desktop on my Maryellen, i.e. the AMD-powered HP 14 notebook my aunt and I bought last August:
[Image: mbiy46.png]
[Image: pvi1xp-6.png]
[Image: bpawh5-6.png]
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